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Full Version: Free Orchestra upcoming from Project Sam?
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No details but could be interesting to watch. See what Mattias started!
Interesting! It should be noted though that ProjectSAM had free samples available looong before SSO saw the light of day Smile
I would love to see your history of sampling and instruments, including the free sample movement written down. After your heroic Fantasy novel of course.
It's Kontakt Player compatible now, so it's even free-er!
(03-28-2020, 06:19 PM)GreenlightScore Wrote: [ -> ]It's Kontakt Player compatible now, so it's even free-er!

Yup, but it should be noted that it's only for Kontakt 6 and only for the very latest version (as of this writing). So if the library won't show up after installing it with Native Access, make sure you meet those two requirements.
I just downloaded this but I can't find my serial number, is not under My Account.
I had the same problem. After you log in, you have to go back to the catalog page for it and now there will be an option to add it to your account. Once you do that a serial number will appear.

The name "free orchestra" is misleading. This isn't an orchestra, just a small collection of instruments, largely novelty ones.
Definitely is not an orchestra... It has some useable sounds but that is all.
(03-31-2020, 07:43 PM)payoak Wrote: [ -> ]It has some useable sounds but that is all.

If that. Still, it can't hurt to have this in your toolbox.

I'm not sure why developers insist on releasing only weird/niche/fx type instruments as freebies instead of one or two good and usable real instruments that actually tell you something about the library it's taken from. Sure, on the off chance that I might need a thumb piano or a Tibetan nose flute for some project, these type of freebies are certainly nice to have. But are they useful and compelling enough that I'll want to invest in the developer's expensive commercial releases? Not really.