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Full Version: Spaghetti Town...
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Hi All-

By way of introduction, I'll offer up this little diddy:

It's constructed from a couple of freebies I found on the web - a modified version of Wahmonica from VI Control and Spitfire's Cimbalom Lightweight (only offered at Christmas, I believe).

Enjoying listening to other folks stuff - hope to hear more from y'all!

Kurt M. Landre'
Very nice Kurt, always a joy listening to your stuff! You have a certain playful attitude towards mixing styles and instruments which I find refreshing and inspiring.

I mean, harmonica and cimbalom... who ever comes up with stuff like that? Smile

* Mattias Westlund runs off to write etude for saz, saxophone and spoons
Thanks! :-)

Though I think I honestly have heard this combo of instruments before - maybe "3:10 to Yuma" or a Morricone score?

But if I inspire and refresh, who am I to demure?   ;-)