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I think that was the exact same edition I read, though sadly I don't have it as I borrowed it from a friend in the early 90's. I've tried re-reading other books that I enjoyed back then and found most of them cringeworthy, so maybe it's one of those things that are better remembered through the filter of nostalgia. But Dragonlance had a lot of good characters, Raistlin and Caramon in particular.
Yeah I have a saying 'Better in Memory' which applies to a surprising amount of things. Part of my middle life crises has been to try to try new things on a more regular basis because I was doing the same old and often silly things over and over and my mind was a big pile of sludge. Though to be fair my current big project is reading the complete works of my favorite author PG Wodehouse which involves lots of rereading of old things and even the 'new' books were written so many decades ago, so classics are good too. Maybe a mix.
I have to confess I'm not at all familiar with P.G. Wodehouse. I know of Jeeves and Wooster of course, but from the Fry & Laurie TV show (and I haven't seen more than one-off episodes of that either). I'm a big fan of Jerome K. Jerome though, another paragon of British humor. Three Men in a Boat might be his most well-known work, but Three Men on the Bummel is my favorite.
Cool I have heard of him for years and never read anything of his. I'll make a mental note. Anyway sorry to derail this thread.
Don't worry about it, we're in the off-topic section after all and this thread is as off topic as it gets in a virtual orchestration forum Smile

But yeah, do check out his books. Boat is great, but it has some sentimental parts that don't go well with the humorous bits. Bummel is just nuts, it's the kind of stuff that paved the way for Monty Python and all kinds of modern British comedy.
(11-10-2018, 01:18 AM)Mattias Westlund Wrote: [ -> ]Again I must mention my favorite fantasy writer of all time: Tad Williams. His writing has elements of both the spartan and the flowery style, but his ability to achieve a good balance between the two is what makes him stand out IMO.

I've got Williams on my TBR list. The problem is, I have over a hundred books on my TBR list. So I don't know when I'll ever get around to reading him. ;-;
Chapter 6 is now up, and as always the previous ones have been updated with various small tweaks (see the first post). I'm not sure how I feel about this new chapter. In a sense, I managed to accomplish exactly what I set out to do, namely:

1. Explore the group dynamics between Rynn, Olvan and Jedd, since this is the first chapter after their reunion.

2. Provide more of Olvan's background and his thoughts on his friends.

However, it feels like a slow and maybe blatantly expository chapter. On the other hand, the pace will be picking up  again in chapter 7 and there won't be many opportunities for introspection for quite a while. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless. Chapters 7 and 8 are almost done as well and will be out within a week or two.

Txt versions are attached to this post.
Just a reflection.

It's funny how you can put off writing a certain passage again and again because you don't feel up to it, or not connected to it, or whatever. Then out of nowhere you just suddenly think of a single opening sentence, and everything just flows from there. Like the whole thing was already more or less written at the back of your mind, and 'the right angle' was sitting there like a cork in a bottle.
Sorry it took a while for me to get to this. I think it's fine to have a chapter like this. I was kind of afraid there would be some combat in this one, honestly, and I wanted a break! Nothing wrong with having some downtime for accomplishing what you were trying to do. I definitely get a sense of the character dynamics and I think you still keep the story progressing well here, too with all the talk of the map and reflection on the past, both recent and "off camera" (references to past adventures, etc). One thing that's cool is that I don't get a sense that these characters know the gravity of the situation yet. That's a good thing. They are still just rogues doing their rogue-thing. Their misgivings about the map and the journey are rooted in their personalities which helps give us readers a leg up and makes us want to see how they react to some of the things that we know or suspect are coming.

A couple thoughts I had, mostly just word choice and such:

"aptitude"  in place of "Aptness"

"Jedd  handed  Olvan  his  knife,  handle  first.  Just  moments  later  the Dvyrni almost cut his left thumb off"

Try: "Jedd  handed  Olvan  his  knife,  handle  first with which the Dvyrni proceeded to nearly slice his thumb off." Or something to that effect.

Then, “Where’s Rynn?” Olvan asked, sucking the blood from the tip of his thumb. (Or ever just "his thumb" works).

Also consider: "Olvan had made the comment in jest, but to his surprise Jedd answered seriously:"

Try explaining a bit about the size of that keg, too. Is it a mini keg or is Jedd somehow hiding a full keg? I get it from context that it isn't the big kind, but I was a bit confused.
Well spotted, thanks! I'll have a look at editing these bits.

As for "keg" though, I was under the impression that a keg is per definition a small barrel or cask. Googling it now I realize a keg can indeed be quite large so yes, I need to make that clearer. I'm imagining Jedd's keg as just a 1 gallon/4-5l container. Jedd may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he is smart enough to realize that he couldn't smuggle a full-size keg along with him, even though the thought is indeed amusing.

"Jedd, you can't bring a cart into the mountains!"
"Sure I can!"

Big Grin
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