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Full Version: Obsidian
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I recently switched from Sibelius to Reaper, and upgraded to GPO 5. Let me know what you think. Big Grin
Hey, nice song Smile It's got an interresting suspense curve with the atonal motive reoccurring. I would however make the melody that is played by the flute at 0:30 waaay bigger, since it could be such a melodic epic moment. I would maybe on top of the flute give the melody to violins in octaves and add a brass instrument or a choir. If that all is kinda to over the top for what you're rooting for only on the options, and just try out whats best Smile (I usally also add a lead synth with some pornamento in there, to give it that out-of-this-world feel, it helps for me, but it might be too much in this case) I would also make the end a bit sharper and more accented, it sounds like the piano is playing staccato and the bass is still in legato territory. It would be better if the would both be playing the same articulation and I would choose staccato. The end is a bit weird (not in a bad sense) but it can really help to make it as clear and distinct as possible to show the listener "yes this is what i wanted". Maybe on top of ending on staccatos you could and a cymbal and a bass drum on the lost the hits and maybe some brass chord hits. I wouldn't go into full orchestra hit territory since the sound you're rooting for seems to be a bit more chamber like than all the colors of the orchestra (if I get that right), but maybe aim into that direction. I hope that was helpful Smile
Your composition sounds suitable as part of a movie sound track. Was that your goal? One thing that will help with the appearance of realism is to humanize the MIDI notes, especially the piano, if that's something you want. Towards the end, the piano is clearly quantized and it sounds like all the notes have the same volume. Reaper has a humanize function that you can access from within the MIDI editor (just select some notes and press the H key). This will lightly randomize the timing and velocity (it's configurable) to sound more like a human is playing the notes.