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Full Version: Pure Imagination (Clarinet and Piano)
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I'm facing my fears of live recording and not following a click track. During a visit my brother in law and I went over this about three times and then hit the record button. He played piano (into a midi track that used the Maestro Concert Grand) and I played clarinet. I gave it a little bit of reverb (Dragonfly's medium clear hall preset), but other than that I didn't really do any other audio processing.

Please give me feedback! I'm trying to improve my understanding of how to capture and process live audio, and how to mix it with a virtual instrument.
I'll let all the clever folks diagnose everything, just a mention that I enjoyed it.
It's really nice. Well done!

The stereo image could be wider, some M/S processing or the like might help, or an almost inaudible pingpong delay or other wide stereo effect on the piano. or just pan the piano off to one side a little bit and let the reverb (or a delay) make up for it on the other side. So the piano sits a little more in the sides, the clarinet more in the middle.

I found the clarinet almost a bit too loud compared to the piano.

A suggestion would be to use a limiter or a soft compressor with 1 or 2 dB of gain reduction to tame just the peaks, perhaps only on the clarinet, might make it more listenable and make the real and the MIDI instrument mesh better, but many people don't like to do this to classical recordings.

But it's pretty nice as a recording. There could be more dynamics in the performance, perhaps, start out quieter then get louder, that kind of thing. But this is nitpicking.

(More dynamics and a compressor are not a contradiction btw - as long as you're not brickwall limiting loudness war style, a compressor won't kill the overall dynamics.)