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Full Version: 3-piece violin section samples anyone?
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Just an experimental, proof-of-concept thing. I wasn't actually going to use it as-is but realized the three violins together sounded kind of nice. So just throwing this out here in case anyone might find a use for it. 2nd violins for VSCO 2 CE maybe?

Sustain, staccato and pizzicato articulations (tremolo coming later). Chromatic sampling. 2 velocities, 2x RR on staccatos/pizzicatos. Looped sustains.

VSCO 2 CE violin (sus, stc, piz), ldk1609 violin (sus, stc, piz), MSLP violin (sus, stc), MIS violin (piz).

CC-BY license.

You can get it here, feel free to let me know what you think.
Hey Mattias, sounds nice! Great "tight" sound.

Not quite sure what to use them in. VSCO 2 CE was sort of designed to only consist of samples from the VSCO 2 sample set, and for VCSL, I'm going to be recording pretty much everything fresh where I can. Maybe I can stick it on the VSCO 2 CE webpage as an option?
Oh I didn't mean like an official addition to VSCO 2 CE! More like, if someone would like to have an additional small violin section to use with it. Though it doesn't really sound that VSCO-ish, I'll admit that. No reason to muddle up the VSCO 2 page with my experiments Wink
Cool beans. I put out an SSO / MSLP patch as a little string section a while back and its been downloaded quite a lot and I bet this will scratch that itch even better! Thanks Mattias!
I put up the Violins in Kontakt as a bonus instrument in the VCSL page. I included the sfz mappings in the zip

At the bottom of the readme I added...
"Mattias Westlund created both the SFZ mappings and the samples from the sources given above.
bigcat created the Kontakt instrument."
As it wasn't clear who had created the samples in the readme and who should be credited.