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Full Version: The Journey Begins
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Greetings everyone, new to the forum and I thought it would be good way to introduce myself by picking a tune from my portfolio so you know what kind of music I'm dabbling around with. Here is one of my latest productions:

It's one of my more epic works with which I wanted to try and create a bit more orchestrated and complex tune. The end outcome is a bit chaotic and mixing is all over the place, but I still like it.

I mainly produce fantasy / epic / soundtrack music under Celestial Aeon Project, but also ambient / contemporary piano with other projects.

Nice to meet you all!
Welcome to the forum Celestial Aeon Project ! That's some lovely music you got there, very atmospheric. I just love hearing people working in a major key these days, when so much VO music is just dark, dreary trailer type of stuff. Smile
Hi, I have already enjoyed several of your pieces of music that I found on Jamendo years ago. The new one sounds very nice too!
Welcome! Very nice vibe in this track; definitely up my alley. I shall peruse your Bandcamp presently...