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Full Version: Stone Voices Ambient Reverb
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Anyone ever tried this one?

It appears to have been around for quite some time though I became aware of it just recently thanks to BPB. True stereo, x64, all the essential options, a nice clean UI and most importantly -- it sounds good. I know, in this golden age of reverb plugins, paid or free, it's not anything overly remarkable, but I felt it was worth a mention. As per the plugin name it's aimed mainly at the ambient genre, but I didn't have any problems whipping up a more than passable concert hall type of sound. Go check it out if you haven't!
Nice find! Here's a pic I took:
[Image: ambientreverb.png?dl=1]

The top one is the tail, the bottom one the early reflections. Max size and width, a 5 second decay, and no filters.

It's worth noting that the impulse fades in (causing individual reflections to get louder over time - for a while), which is not really how a real room would respond, but is a common technique in algorithmic reverbs nonetheless. IIRC, some of the Valhalla Room modes fade in in a similar manner. Also worth noting is the unipolarity of the ERs, and the fact that they change between left and right in a rather regular pattern.

The lack of modulation is a bummer. Other than that, it seems useful, and certainly sounds okay. Smile