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Full Version: Sweet Dreams (Pixel's Lullaby)
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We lost one of our cats this Christmas, a sweet little lady who's been with me for almost 13 years of my life. This is in memory of her.

This was done with a half-finished template in a half-finished home studio so this is probably not my best orchestral mix to date, but then again that wasn't the point.
Sorry for your loss, man. Losing pets is the worst. This is a nice piece; there's nothing better than being able to apply some salve, creatively, at such a time.
Sorry for the loss, Mattias! Long time cat lover myself. Very beautiful piece to boot- some fantastic ideas and the transitions are sublime.
Thank you guys!
It's sweet, just like Pixel. I'm hearing not only the sorrow, but also the subtle yet undeniable sense of companionship that only a cat can provide.

I'm sorry.