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Full Version: Merry Christmas
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My sister in law has been working on a Christmas video project all month, I offered to write a background soundtrack for it. It ended up being a medley of traditional Christmas carols and hymns, some well known and some obscure.

Most of the instruments are from Virtual Playing Orchestra.
Nicely done, sir! Nice dynamics and panning. I like the sound of the room as well. I'm not one of the resident experts on reverb, but I think you did a nice job getting that "Holiday" sound--bright, natural, quick.
Nice composition, Michael! Nice usage of a wide range of instruments as well, and the general mix is nice too.

I think the wet mix for the reverb is high- I would use about 20-50% of what you are using now of wet. Right now, the instruments create a "resonant" tone which is generally undesirable, not to mention impulse sounds come out more "in a cardboard box" sounding than "in a space" sounding. If you need more reverb, consider using a longer reverb length rather than more wetness.
I like what you've done. I especially like how much you've used Woodwinds in your composition.
Thanks everybody for the kind feedback.

(12-23-2017, 02:06 AM)Samulis Wrote: [ -> ]I think the wet mix for the reverb is high

Thanks, your comments on reverb are very helpful. I could wax on and on about where I feel I am musically and how I got here, but let it suffice to say that after spending years monkeying around with clarinet, piano, and simple midi sequencers I finally decided to bite the bullet and learn about audio processing and how to use a DAW (around the same time I showed up on this forum). As a result, I'm more confident in the general area of music theory and composition than I am with the audio production side of things.

So yes, I've spent a lot of time messing around with reverb parameters without fully understanding what they do. For example, I would get a sort of shattering noise on my piano and glockenspiel tracks, and tried to combat it by dropping the LPF parameter to exclude those shattering frequencies, but I still don't really know if that was the "right" solution. Also I'd love it if somebody could tell me what Spin and Wander are on Hibiki!

I actually started out this project with a much higher late wet level on my reverb. I quickly found that it wasn't what I wanted, so I reduced it a lot on the strings and a little bit on the woodwinds, which sounded much better. I left the louder late reverb on the back row (horns and percussion), thinking that it would give them a distant sound, but maybe there's a better way to create that distance. Furthermore, maybe there is still too much early reflection on the strings and woodwinds.
We've discussed it in bits but...

If it sounds like a closet/drywall room/cardboard box, try:
- Increasing room size while decreasing wetness
- Decreasing ER's
- Reducing Pre Delay

If it sounds like a throbbing nightclub/massive cavern/pile of mud, try:
- Decreasing rom size
- Decreasing wetness
- Increasing ER's (just a touch!) while decreasing 'tail'
- Increasing Pre Delay

Here's the post where I talk about how to get your wet levels "right" (in my opinion):