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Full Version: Fantasy/Adventure Theme
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Hello community!

I've been watching this forum for quite a while and learned a lot from it but never posted anything myself.
I want to change this today by introducing myself with one of the first more complex pieces I wrote for full orchestra:

I used mostly Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, SoniVox Strings (only for staccato articulations), VSCO (some woodwind staccatos) and some Alan Vista stuff.
Moreover, I used Sanford Reverb and Iron Oxide 5.

Tell me what you think! Feedback is always welcome!
The music sounds pretty good to me so far. I think you could maybe spend some time on enhancing the orchestral spacing and maybe go more heavy on the reverb, but im a not for heavy reverbs. I think you could increase the inensity of your piece quit by a margin by using more percussion. I'm not talking about constant Taiko patterns or something like that, but a bit more timpani, some rolls here and there, I think that would make it better. I think it's really cool, that you took time to make the swells and stuff, they make it pretty dynamical.

I hope that helps you a bit.
Hello Markus! Your piece is beautiful and very well balanced. You 've got some pro skills there! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Welcome aboard! Smile

The part that starts 20 seconds in... I think you should re-think the orchestration there. Right now, the accompaniment distracts a lot from the main melody. The violins, in that dynamic and playing range, are rather bright and prominent, whereas the clarinet is quite soft and held-back. The result is a bit disorienting, kind of like a photo where the subject is out of focus. You could try switching around the instruments and/or ranges in which the parts are played, or perhaps even switch to a sparser accompaniment to leave more room for the melody.

Other than that, your orchestration holds up, and you're definitely in the fantasy/adventure ballpark when it comes to the general feel of the song. Smile