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Full Version: Jamo AJM 566/3 specs anywhere?
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I found a pair of these in mom's attic and thought they'd make nice truth boxes. I set them up, and I'm surprised at how clean they sound. Makes me wonder just how far from a flat response they are in reality. Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to find measurements or any other info online. Any clues? Smile

Here's a pic, just because: [Image: IMG_20171024_155826.jpg]
Nice find! Jamo makes great speakers though I sadly don't know anything about these particular ones. Quality hi-fi speakers can make great "B monitors" as long as you have something decent to power them with. And space for them in your studio, of course. I actually used a pair of late 80's/early 90's Pioneer hi-fi speakers for my main monitors for several years and listening to the mixes I did with them back then they must have been reasonably honest.