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Full Version: Sample Science Player coming soon looking for demos
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I don't know if you guys tried Orion Sound Module, but this is the follow up. It is made with Maize Sampler and tries to push the limit of what it can do.

Sample Science is looking for people to make demosĀ on an advance copy and some of you chaps are great composerers so I thought I would mention it.
What kind of instruments are in this thing? Sorry, but I just can't be bothered reading 10 thread pages Wink
While I don't want to spoil any surprises I believe that in either the base Player or in expansions you will see many of the base orchestras that made up VPO. In Orion there were a lot of PD band instruments as well. Orion is worth messing with if you haven't it asks for a donation but you just put in 0.


Orion with instrument list