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Full Version: Free Samplers/Samples questions
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I've been looking around the interweb and found some free samplers/sample that I was wanting some feedback/opinions.

SampleTank Free - come with some free instruments
UVI Workstation Free - come with some free instruments
Independence Free - come with some free instruments
Kontakt Player 5 - come with Factory Free Selection - 50 free instruments

I downloaded the Kontakt player and free instruments. All the free instruments play in demo mode (15 minutes then shut off?) which is unfortunate. Quality seems very good. But to upgrade to full version of Kontakt is $400. Too pricey for me...maybe later Wink

Any opinions on the Kontakt free stuff or additional "Powered by Kontackt" libraries? that will not be in Demo mode?

How about SampleTank, Independence or UVI? Good quality?

Others? (Aria engine?)

In USA Ohio country area, internet is pretty slow, so don't want to spend half a day downloading something that's not so good.

Any advice and opinions are much appreciated!!
The Kontakt factory selection that comes with the kontakt player 5 shouldn't be in demo mode, maybe you have to activate them or something?
(08-04-2017, 05:10 PM)Viktor Wrote: [ -> ]The Kontakt factory selection that comes with the kontakt player 5 shouldn't be in demo mode, maybe you have to activate them or something?

Oops...yes missed that in the email instructions.  Kontakt Free factory selection not in demo mode anymore.
You missed the sale, but sometimes you can do an upgrade from a freebie called Drum'mica and get full Kontakt for about $125. Other times you can get Kontakt for $200. Either way don't pay $400 for it.

Drum'mica is pretty much the only free Kontakt Player library as it costs money for every license to release one.

My freebie list that doesn't need Kontakt, though it needs updating.

UVI requires ILok which is a rootkit.

Sampletank 3 Free has an awesome Piano.

You want SForzando which is based on the Aria engine to run most SFZs.
(08-04-2017, 07:11 PM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]Drum'mica is pretty much the only free Kontakt Player library as it costs money for every license to release one

Not sure what you mean here...costs money for every license...sorry
(08-04-2017, 09:02 PM)jmcmillan Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure what you mean here...costs money for every license...sorry

He means that in order for someone to release a library that works unrestrictedly in Kontakt Player, you need to pay a license fee to NI which I hear is quite substantial. So giving away a Kontakt Player library for free doesn't make sense... unless you're Sennheiser and have a huge advertizing budget. Wink Drum'mica is basically some form of advertizing thing but it's also a really nice and detailed drum kit with a ton of options. Gift horse and all that.
Sorry I didn't explain that well. Kontakt Player instruments or libraries are licensed by Native Instruments. The developer is require to pay Native Instrument cash up front. This is a lengthy process as the finest virtual instrument maker I know can attest. After the licensing process, the developer receives X amount of keys depending on how much he paid and what the negotiated price per key is. I'm given to understand that this is roughly $10 to $20 per license. Every time he sells an instrument or collection, one of these licenses is used up. To get more he must pay Native Instruments another lump sum to acquire more licenses.

So any freebie instrument maker would need to pay $10 to $20 dollars for every instrument that he gave away. To put that in perspective I understand the Total Composure Orchestra for Kontakt saw 70,000 downloads in one month and thus roughly $1,000,000 would have had to have been paid to NI if it had been licensed as a Player instrument. At any rate I understand that $99.99 is a required minimum price for any Player instrument.

OOPs, what Matthias said...
Wow, I didn't know it was that complex... and devious.

Then again (from a commercial standpoint) I do understand why NI is doing this with Kontakt Player. If they didn't restrict it pretty radically most people would have no incentive to buy the full Kontakt, which is their cash cow. Kontakt Player is a bait and snare kind of thing which on one level seems unfair and greedy and all that but like I said... I understand it. That's capitalism for you.

After all the other samplers (well, sample players really) that the OP mentions do the exact same thing. SampleTank, UVI, Independence. I do think that Kontakt Player offers more bang for your... uh, free lunch. At the very least it has a number of instruments that are actually quite useable.
Hmmm...and now I have more questions.

When I Google "free kontakt player instruments" I get this page

So if I download one of these listed, they would not work on free player?
(Actually I see you listed bigcat)

If I buy the full version I can then then download these libraries for free.  But it's free for me but the maker had to pay a license to put them up for download?

Confused... Huh 

So guess I'll use the freebies for now. Buying the full version is too much right now.

UVI I seems a little weird wit ilok 

How about SampleTank or Independence? Good sounds? Good libraries for purchase?
Drum'mica is the only currently available free Kontakt Player library that exists. There are no others...

I would get SForzando and chase down the best free libraries for it. VSCO2 Community, VPO, Karoryfer, even that legendary Sonatina.

Check VST4Free. Lots of good stuff there.

ST3 free has some nice instruments. Again nice piano.

Only Sam and I have Kontakt here that I'm aware of and we develop for it, so it certainly isn't necessary.
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