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Full Version: V2 of VSCO2 Strings & Brass for Kontakt
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Here is the release version of An Orchestra Strings using the VSCO2 Community samples. It has a complete String Section, Solo Violin, Violin Section, Viola Section, Cello Section, Solo Contrabass and Harp. In various nkis it can do legato, modwheel xfades, fake ensembles and fake round robins.
The most unique thing are the three An Orchestra nkis using the string section for arps and chords.

Note this requires Kontakt 5.6.8
And got the Brass out. Similar idea to the strings but brassier.
I don't use Kontakt otherwise I'd definitely be trying out these patches and others.
Thanks Paul.
I think I mostly mention these here to alert Sam that I've messed with his masterpiece yet again. Poor guy.
Messing... improving... reworking... all the same thing, haha.