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Full Version: The Wandering in my Mind Collection
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Take a walk, fall asleep, dream about other walks... Part 1 and 2 here...

Near Central Earth: Gates of Murder, 3011: A Space Oddity, Star Trudge 1: The Endless, Celestial Battle: Why Not Wing Trench Jog and more dreams of wandering to come...
Yes! Indeed, one's early works ought to include experimental pieces like this. Keep it flowing! Smile

There's something familiar about this type of music. There could have been similar music in some TV program for kids I saw a long time ago, but can't remember which one.
Thanks Otto. I'm sure the idea of walking along in music has been done many times. Still it is fun.
Plus I figure if I wander through space, time and fantasy, I can make my own little soundtracks.

I made a little video with pictures that almost match the sound..
(07-13-2017, 09:21 PM)Otto Halmén Wrote: [ -> ]Indeed, one's early works ought to include experimental pieces like this.

...and arguably this kind of thing should be repeated even after getting more composition experience, just to shake off your inhibitions once in a while  Big Grin
(07-13-2017, 09:38 PM)bigcat1969 Wrote: [ -> ]I made a little video with pictures that almost match the sound..

That was very interesting. Very artistic. You certainly captured the feeling of a lonely walk although that walk went surprisingly far Smile .

Watching the video, it seemed as if someone had a slideshow and asked you to write accompanying music for it. I like it.
Thanks Michael.

Thanks Paul. Coming from you that means a lot.
Yeah I kind of liked the ending. I was thinking of Little Nemo who used to dream of crazy places and adventures. It might be fun to see if I can score some crazy dreams.
And just so everyone can take back all the nice things they said... The Ode for Falling Down Stairs...
Not as bad as you think, honestly. Smile

You had a concept that you implemented musically. That's the gist of composition, really. Smile

The music certainly lives up to the title. Also, it sounds like you're getting the hang of establishment and development. Introduce a theme, repeat it with variations, grow it, etc. That's probably the most fundamental musical device for making an emotional impact on the listener. Smile
I love it, Joe! Really cool idea. I think this kind of experimenting is great and honestly the piece sounds like it could go in a cartoon or something perfectly fine. You're getting a great grasp on contrast.
Thanks Otto and Sam. It was so cartoony I thought I might offend your sensibilities. It was fun to make but definitely wacky.
On the other thread about the course music, I tried making a more traditional RPG soundtrack loop.
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