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Full Version: Sam's Random Free Samples
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So I've thrown a number of free things up here that aren't on my site for one reason or another or aren't actual instruments, just raw samples, and I figured it'd be a good idea to put it all together.

Untuned Rope Snare/Field Drum
I also just did a super light sampling of a rather large untuned rope snare drum today. Rope snare drums use ropes rather than tuning rods to tune and were common during the American Revolution. It has a big, low sound and lots of resonance (pretty easy to remove with an EQ or filter, or by just having a low (e.g. 500 ms) release on the sampler).
Demo (excuse the timing, had to record using Windows Audio with painfully large latency)-

Typically I believe they are tuned higher and more consistently (so they don't "warble" like this one), but I'm not a drum specialist and I liked the boomy sound and resonance.

Hopefully I'll be able to record this drum and a few others and make a proper sample library, with the help of a competent drummer.

Zuckermann Kit Harpsichord
This harpsichord was built in the 1960's from a kit made by a maker named Zuckermann. It's more on the English or Italian side, I guess (I'm not a harpsichord expert by any stretch of the imagination). Unfortunately the action is pretty tired and it needs someone to come in and redo all the action.

Alto Recorder
More detailed version of the 2014 freesound sampleset I made, as many as 4RR per note!

Chill Trombone
Did some mono recordings of a 'chill' close-mic'd tenor trombone (1vl, 1RR, diatonic) to test out a new mic.

Dumpster Hits
These are some cool dumpster hits I recorded a while back but never got around to cutting/using. With the branding Versilian Studios has today as making traditional instruments, I don't really think it would be fitting to make a product, but maybe Bigcat or Sample Science would be interested in taking it on. It hasn't been cut yet, but there's a lot of cool stuff in here, all multi-sampled.

"Noise" Synths
Various synth-like sounds made from interference noise captured during a skype call.
Thanks Sam! Looks like some fun sounds.
Added Chill Trombone. Should have some other stuff coming up soon too!