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Full Version: Looped SSO!
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(03-19-2017, 11:59 PM)peastman Wrote: [ -> ]
Quote:I have a bunch of vowel choral samples

Oooo... Smile

I see what you did there.
And it was totally unintentional!  Really it was!
I'm trying to remember, I think there were some vowels in the OLPC samples. Been a long time, I think I made a Kontakt instrument from them?
I sampled the harpsichord today... I still have to cut the samples, but I should have that by tonight hopefully. Chromatically sampled (including releases), but only one RR (I figured that is a good trade-off for a freebie).
Mattias, any thoughts on the license question? I don't want to add any files that are under the SA license, since that would prevent it from being used in a lot of the ways it's meant to be used.
Harpsichord yay!
Here it is!

This harpsichord sample set is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (obviously musical works using this set MAY be commercially used, but the set itself cannot be resold as part of a product). Please do not re-upload the set elsewhere, but instead link to this post if you need to share it.

In a few weeks, I'll see if I can put it up on Github or do a more formal packaging.

The harpsichord is a 1960's kit harpsichord (I'm assuming someone bought the pieces and assembled it themselves, thus 'kit') by a maker named Zuckermann. The samples are of two articulations (one "normal", the other with a "lute" setting) as well as some aleatoric effects and thumps. Chromatically sampled, including releases. The entire instrument was equal tempered at 440, so it will sound in tune with all modern instruments. Each key is a little different from the others, so it may seem a little uneven (it is in need of some restoration work). I should also mention- the samples were recorded from the far side of the instrument (i.e. same as that video), so it appears essentially reversed from the player position. This is something you can fix by swapping the channels in each of the files if desired, otherwise it suits an "audience" perspective quite well.

You can see it in action here:

Here's a quick sfz which includes the releases-
(no KS or aleatoric stuff added)

To install the sfz- place it inside "ZuckermannKitHarpsi", place your "Normal" samples inside a folder called "Normal", and inside that folder, put a folder called "Release". In that, put all the "Normal_rel" samples (obviously a little ctrl+R {replace} can be used to circumnavigate all of this by replacing "release/" with "" and removing the "default_path=Normal\" entirely).

Aaand here's a quick demo of that in action-

Overall I'm really impressed with how it turned out! Not as playable as the other VS harpsichords and the low-end is pretty weak I couldn't get proper mics in the space and my laptop is down for the count, so that wouldn't have really done me any favors if I could anyway- so just a recording from a Zoom recorder on a tripod towards the back of the instrument facing the jacks, which thus picks up the high end very nicely but leaves the bass with something to be desired).
Kontakt version with no samples, just for this forum... Requires 5.6.6

Thanks Sam sounds nice.
(03-24-2017, 06:26 PM)peastman Wrote: [ -> ]Mattias, any thoughts on the license question? I don't want to add any files that are under the SA license, since that would prevent it from being used in a lot of the ways it's meant to be used.

Sorry, I must have missed this. What license question?
SSO 1.0 is under the CC Sampling+ license, but your later additions to it are under CC-BY-SA.  The latter is very restrictive.  It means that if you use it to create a piece of music, you have to release your music under CC-BY-SA too.  I assume that wasn't what you intended?

So the question was whether we can pick a single license for everything.  If you're willing to put the additions under CC Sample+, that would be fine.  Or if you want to avoid that license since it has now been retired, how about CC-BY for everything?
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