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Full Version: New synth (and not a vintage one!)
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Last year I bought myself a new MIDI controller since my Oxygen 61 3rd Gen had been deteriorating for a long time and no attempts at fixing it had any lasting effect. I kept having to redo the graphite trick every six months or so, and finally I said screw it, let's just get a new one.

My choice fell on a Nektar SE61 as I wanted something more basic than the Oxygen (in the 12 years I had it, I made use of the knobs and sliders only once or twice), and it appeared to have generally favorable reviews. When I got it, I immediately realized the keybed felt weird. The keys were sort of hard and springy. I figured it was just going to take some getting used to, so I kept it anyway.

Well, I didn't get used to it. And by the time I knew it wasn't going to happen, it was too late to return it. I begrudgingly abided the damn thing for a while, looking for some better option. I didn't want to spend even more money without having a chance to try before buy, and the local music store had nothing in stock that caught my fancy.

Then a couple of days ago a Yamaha MX49 showed up on Facebook Marketplace for around $200. I went over to the seller's place to check it out last night, and as you can see, I liked it:

[Image: IMG_20220315_053633.jpg]

Sure, it has only 49 keys, but it plays really nice. Since I'm not doing much orchestral work anymore, my need for a 61-key controller has lessened anyway. The MX49 being an actual synth rather than just a controller is a nice bonus too. It has a ton of high quality patches from the Motif range as well as some excellent built in effects; it even functions as an audio interface, though I have no intention of using it for that as it has only line-level inputs.

So, yeah. Quite a nice find I would say Smile
Now that looks awesome! Is it USB? It's a newish model, right?
It's USB, yes. This is the V1 version which I think is from 2012 or thereabouts. As far as I can tell, the only non-cosmetic differences between V1 and V2 (which came out in 2016) appear to be class compliant USB support and iOS compatibility.