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Full Version: Four Visions of the Future
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(03-12-2017, 11:26 PM)peastman Wrote: [ -> ]Here is the final movement: "In Paradise".

Now I just need to do a whole lot of polishing on all four tracks to get it into shape for release.

Perc seems a little buried in the end, but there's some really beautiful stuff going on here and some solid dynamics / levels, otherwise. I like the variety in these tracks over all. I think once you tweak everything, adjust the reverb and what not, you'll have something really solid. One thing I like about your style is the way it kind of sounds "classic" in both a "classic movie score" sense as well as a "schooled composer" sense, but also feels modern and accessible. There is a general sense of classic sci-fi style in these tracks overall. The mental imagery I get is not what Otto would call "Space Marine" but more of a Ray Bradbury book cover, or something along those lines.
And it's released!  Available on most major music stores and streaming services (or should be soon if they don't have it up yet), and also on youtube.
Congratulations on the completion of your album! It must be a relief to finally be able to wrap it up and release it.
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