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Full Version: Questions about Sony MDR-MA300
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First of all, would someone happen to be able to identify these? They don't have a model name anywhere on them, only the Sony logo.


EDIT: All right, pretty sure they're a pair of Sony MDR-MA300.

Second, is it normal for open backed headphones to sound really wet and roomy? I became concerned when I noticed that literally everything sounds really smooth through these. Even anechoic (!) orchestral recordings sound like the musicians are right there in front of me.

My other headphones, a pair of Sony MDR-CD480, do not sound like this. If there's little to no reverb or ambience in the audio, you can hear it instantly.

Is it just me not being fully accustomed to these headphones yet? Or would these be better left to just casual listening?
Looks like MDR-MA300:

Based on the that information sheet, it seems like they are designed to sound really roomy and smooth like you describe.
Thanks, Michael Willis!

Now that I could Google them, it seems like they might, indeed, be better left to casual listening. The frequency response, for one, is a bit flattering. These will have to do, though, until I can get a new cord soldered to my trusty pair of MDR-CD480 (as I couldn't find anything off the shelf that fits the ridiculously small hole in the cans). Just hoping I won't have to do any super-urgent mixdowns for a while.