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Full Version: The Alpine Project
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Hi all, 
I'm Noah Horowitz, and I run the Alpine Project.
I just wanted to introduce myself, as I hope to start participating in discussion here.
Hey Noah,

I'm so glad you decided to join the community, welcome aboard! I've kept a close eye on your work for the past year or so- very nice! Nice username too, hehe.

There's a lot of talk about freeware soundsources, developing libraries, etc. I am sure you'll fit right in and look forward to seeing you around. Smile
Hi Noah and welcome to the forum!

I don't use Kontakt myself, but judging from the audio clips on your site, that's some very tasty samples you got there Smile
Noah has some good stuff cooking up there in the Alpine heights.
Thanks guys.
By the way, SSO was my first sample library, and I surely would not have created The Alpine Project without its influence.  

For those wondering about the name, it was inspired by Strauss's Alpine Symphony, one of my favorite pieces.  I hope to one day have a mockup of it made using only free vi's!!