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Full Version: aaviolin (A.K.A, All-Around Violin Soundfont)
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Hi everyone. May I present to you, the aaviolin (AKA, All-Around Violin Soundfont)! Smile

I think this soundfont is SO AWESOME! Big Grin Heart  I don't know who recorded the samples and made the soundfont and where I can find these violin samples?. But if you guys have any ideas, answers, or results, Please feel-free to comment below.
There are 3 versions of the soundfont: (The Original, The New and Edited Version, and the (triples)mini Version.)

1. The Original is just the Original.
2. In the New and Edited Version, I adjusted the volume and the key range in Polyphone, But the Soundfont is the same almost.
3. The (triples)mini Version's samples are quite different and they are looped.

There are some .mp3 demos of the soundfont (Mostly done by the New and Edited Version.)

1. aaviolin Phrase 1 (Violin Piano)
2. aaviolin Phrase 2 (Violin Forte)
3. aaviolin Phrase 3 (Violin Forte Extra Long)
4. Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major (With the Squidfont Orchestral and the Bellatrix Orchestra Soundfonts)
5. Canon in D Major (With the Chamber Organ Soundfont from My Orchestra Soundfont and Karoryfer x bigcat cello.

Download the Soundfont here and use it for any kind of composition you are creating with MuseScore:

If you have any questions or concerns about the soundfont, Please Comment below.

I have it! Found it on one of the sites that list free soundfonts a while back. The loud dynamic layer is pretty useful, as there's not a lot of really loud solo violins in the free realm that I know of. Smile

I too would love to know where it came from. Not that I ever did an awful lot of digging around for its origins, but it wasn't obvious with a quick Google search. It looks like it's been around for ages.