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Full Version: Black Friday 2020 Updates
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Hey everyone,

BF 2020 deals are on I thought it would be helpful to share a few. Here are a few to start things off:


HorNet Plugins

70% off site wide and they have quite a few nifty plugins. Special Mentions - VU meter(has the ability to make gainstaging easier) and ThirtyOne (My personal favorite. Its like a poor man's Gulfoss Eq). Most plugins are below 10 bucks.


50% off site wide. Their Toned-Max Eq is kind of like an affordable FabFilter Pro Q3 alternative. Apart from that, Clipped-Max is an excellent clipper. Contemplating on getting Limited-Max *fingers crossed*


Trinity Drums (Sonuscore)

On sale for 10 bucks. Its like a loop designer for cinematic percussions but you can still use the one-shot samples like a cinematic/trailer/industrial percussion sample library. Requires full version of Kontakt though.