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Full Version: A Quest For Solace
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The beans:
  • Jam Pack 4: Symphony Orchestra
  • Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra
  • Samplicity's Bricasti M7 Impulses
  • Luftikus
  • DC1A2
No need for filters with me, as always. All kinds of feedback is welcome. Smile
Lovely! Very atmospheric with great melodies. Can't comment on anything except that (like I've said about your previous stuff) that it's a bit too dry. But that is completely a matter of taste.

Any particular reason why that image is (what looks like) a Grey staring at the moon?
Thanks, man! Smile

Actually, it might be that the impulses I use don't quite cut it after all. If I crank it even just a little bit more, things start becoming indiscernible. I'll have to see what I can do. It's been a little while since I shot out different reverbs, anyway.

As to the image, I somehow ended up receiving a pro bono / quid pro quo commission and just asked the artist to provide whatever she liked. Didn't discuss the image much after I got it. Also, alienation was one of my thematic ideas for this composition, so I suppose it's kind of fitting. Smile
(08-26-2016, 10:24 PM)Otto Halmén Wrote: [ -> ]Actually, it might be that the impulses I use don't quite cut it after all. If I crank it even just a little bit more, things start becoming indiscernible. I'll have to see what I can do. It's been a little while since I shot out different reverbs, anyway.

Hmm. Any chance of getting to hear a test version with the reverb upped just a notch? I know IR's can be difficult to work with and as you say, they might sound great in the background but any more than that and they make everything sound kind of boxy and weird. OTOH, if the current sound is what you're going for -- who am I to say you should change anything?
I ended up doing something else instead. I tried things out with Hibiki Reverb. Here.

Turning up the Bricasti IRs simply wasn't worth it. With Hibiki, I somehow managed to turn it up just a little further without completely melting things. How do you think this sounds?

Frankly, the only reason I prefer convolution reverb over algorithmic is that I lack the self-confidence to just settle with something I spent way too much time dialling in anyway. Big Grin
VERY nice! Big Grin It's like the piece just opened up and came alive!
Ha! Good thing I haven't sent anything to a digital music scattergun aggregator yet. Guess I'll really need to learn not to be such a wimp when it comes to reverb. Thanks for helping out. Smile

As to the sound I'm after... I'm thinking more soundstage rather than concert hall for this and my upcoming tunes. My main goal, however, is to get everything glued together as transparently as possible. Smile
Nice! I have to admit that I listened to this at a rather inopportune time for me; I've been working on my own piece of music that I eventually want to post here. My melody was originally very magical to me, but after going over it about a thousand times, it's lost the novelty. Meanwhile, I've had the melody from Quest for Solace going through my head for about a week now. My favorite part is when almost everything drops out and the piano does a soft refrain of the main melody.

I'm curious as how how you used Hibiki on the latest version. Did you pipe everything through a single instance of Hibiki, or did you have multiple groups of tracks each piped through a separate instance of Hibiki to give them different stage presence? I haven't quite developed the ear to pick out such things. What settings did you use?
Thank you, Michael Willis! Smile

Oh, I know that feeling all too well. Play back your own song a few too many times, and the pixie dust starts settling. A trick I sometimes do to reset the palate is brutally transpose the entire project to a different key, which leads to the orchestration having to be reworked, which leads to new ideas, etc. Also, sometimes just forcing yourself to wrap up a project can do the trick. It's not the end of the world if you still end up being dissatisfied, you can always make more music! Smile

Bits and pieces of AQFS existed probably for six months on my hard drive. Some days I liked it, others not. I was close to scrapping the tune a few times. I'll admit that this is a tune that I did force myself to just wrap up. It does feel better to simply be done with it now, though. I'm going to remix it with Hibiki for an album release, but that's it.

I used Hibiki in a front+mid+back setup, similar to the one that Mattias explains here. The reverb time was about 2 seconds. The ER and late sizes were cranked as high up as possible without breaking the illusion. The filters and damping factors were tuned to give the tails more of a whoosh than a sssch. The modulation depth was just below the point of turning tubular bells and other metallic percussion wonky.  Smile