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Full Version: D16 Group Spacerek reverb released
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D16 Group have released a new reverb called Spacerek at the introductory price of €59 (regular price €79). I downloaded the trial version and after having played around with it for a short while, my initial impressions are very positive. In fact, it sounds fantastic. Take a listen here.
Is it any better than the Valhalla DSP ones?
"Better" is highly subjective when it comes to reverbs, so I think you should try it out for yourself if you're curious. I'm not in the market for another reverb (quite happy with the ones I have) so I have no intention of getting Spacerek unless it goes on sale for some ridiculous price somewhere down the line. But if you're shopping for a new one, you could do a lot worse than this.

It's quite CPU-heavy though. A single instance of Spacerek uses around 8% CPU on my system, whereas ValhallaRoom uses 1%, and ValhallaVintageVerb just 0.3% or so, depending on algorithm. Still, I'm assuming most people have more powerful computers than me nowadays, so I guess that might be a non-issue.